RoRo transportation; It is the name given to the process of transporting vehicles with wheels, which can be walked or towed, to the ships called RoRo and transported by seaway. RoRo name; It consists of the shortening of the word roll “roll on roll off”. When it comes to self-walking vehicles, all kinds of wheeled vehicles;

  • Business machines,
  • Tracked vehicles,
  • Truck trailers,
  • Mobile containers,
  • Mobile power plants,
  • Heavy machinery,

There is almost no risk of damage to vehicles that are fixed only once when boarding RoRo ships. RoRo ships, which have the capacity to buy many vehicles in one go, can organize very regular and fast voyages, and they are much less costly than other transport methods. It is possible to deliver cargo to every port of the world with RoRo ships. Moreover, in this way; Many vehicles such as buses, cars, mobile cranes, trucks, tractors, scoops, trucks, boats, caravans, bulldozers can be transported. With our RoRo ships, which have the capacity to carry other types of cargo, such as containers, we can include project transportation via trucks.