NAHAR GROUP COMPANY established in 2018, we are producing in our fruit juice concentrate factory in Somalia. We manufacture and sell our products in Somalia and in the country.

Our Production Facility Equipment:

Fruit Washing Machine, Selection Sorting Band, Collector Elevator, Core Brushing Machine, Screw Press, Pulp Spiral, Heating Exchanger, Turbo Extractor, Pulp Collection Tank, Boiling and Rinsing Boilers, Syrup Collection Tank, Drum Filter, Decanter, Intermediate Collection Tank, Evaporator, Pasterizer, Stop Tank and Jeep Washing System.

Our Pasteurized Filling Line:

Rotary Tray, OST Tunnel, Filling Machine, Pasteurized Tunnel, Drying Line, Intermediate Collection Tape, Label Machine, Warranty Tape and Shrink Machine.

We continue our investments in Somalia as Agricultural Technology, Greenhouse System and Food Industry.