As Gate Group Management company, it sells and sends urea. It organizes from a minimum of 2000 tons to a capacity of 50,000 tons.

It is the most nitrogen-containing fertilizer among chemical fertilizers. When urea is given at a sufficient level, it affects flowering and positively affects root and stem development. It encourages the formation of green parts and enables the plant to benefit from the sun. Thus, it causes increase in efficiency.

  • Urea fertilizer is white, odorless, easily soluble in water,
  • Urea fertilizer is the highest nitrogen fertilizer among chemical fertilizers.
  • It has a high agricultural value.
  • It provides direct and qualified products to plants as a source of plant nutrients.
  • It has less corrosive effect on agricultural tools.
  • The unit is a fertilizer that costs less in terms of nitrogen.
  • Urea fertilizer can be applied successfully in the soil in various ways as well as in irrigation water or by spraying.


  • Since urea fertilizer can dissolve very quickly in the soil, plants benefit from nitrogen it contains very quickly.
  • It is effective in lengthening the plant.
  • It increases the grain and fruit yield of the plant.
  • It is effective in the root development of the plant.
  • In plants with nitrogen deficiency, the growth of the plant decreases, while the root development of the plant is thin.
  • Also, yellowing occurs on the lower leaves of the plant. In continuous nitrogen deficiencies, the leaves turn brown and die.
  • Since urea fertilizer uses nitrogen in plants immediately,
  • The need for nitrogen is not constantly met. To meet the required nitrogen for this
  • Other nitrate fertilizers should be used as fertilizer or top fertilizer.
  • For example; CAN 26% N or AN 33% N.