Europe and the Balkans (Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, France, Greece, Belgium, England, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Moldova, Bosnia, Macedonia): Furniture, Glass, Textile, Construction, Marble, Dangerous Goods and Chemical highway (tilt, mega, truck-trailer, lowbed, tanker) partial and full import and export operation

Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iraq: Machinery, Furniture and Concrete Batching Plant (tilt, mega, truck-trailer) partial and full export and import Operation.

Middle East, Europe, Far East, Russia partial and full Container Loading Canada, America, Mexico, UK, Norway, Finland Airline-Maritime Export and Import Operations.

Projects Business (Chartering and brokering): Canakkale Bridge Project, Venezuela 675 Container ship operation, 100,000 tons of cement exports, coal, wheat, metals, urea fertilizer, sewage pipes delivery, Manufacturing Machinery, Feeder vessel service (Turkey intra another port of all ports 100 container transport), Lowbed transport and Vehicle shipment.

-Iskenderun / China 50 thousand tons of mine
-Derince / Kostence 2 thousand tons of clinker
-Rostov / Marmara 5 thousand tons of coal
-Mersin / Ashdod 5 thousand tons of cement
-Izmir / Rostov 3 thousand tons of plaster
-Mirror / Casablanca mine
-Mersin / Lagos (Nigeria) 5 thousand tons of mine
-Mersin / Odessa 5 thousand tons of mine
-Mersin / Italy adr 5k EURO 16 per ton
-Rostov / Lubnan 3k usd 40 per ton
-Marmara / UK 3500 ton usd 38 per ton
-Ashdod / UK 10k ton usd 33 per ton
-Mersin / Tanzania 12k ton usd 650k lmsm
-Mersin / Alicantte 5k ton usd 21 per ton
-Marmara / UK 3500 tons EURO 35 per ton
-Iskenderun / Theme 5k ton usd 36 per ton
-Zonguldak / 50k tons USA 22USD per ton
-Bsea ereg / Spain med 10k EURO 20 per ton
-Dnipro / Marmara 1500 tons usd 25 per ton
-Marmara / Vizag 9000 ton usd 55 per ton
-Marmara / Djbouti 20k ton usd 33 per ton